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Wakoopa builds passive metering software that panelists can install on their personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Our bespoke software collects the digital behavior from consumers who are willing to share it – for ad hoc research or on an ongoing basis. The collected data is called behavioral data.

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Our software is available for devices that run on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The data is captured even when switching from cellular to wifi connections, so no moment is missed. Wakoopa meters are available for the most used browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Data collection

Wakoopa meters capture the full digital footprints from consumers. The collected behavioral data from online consumers includes the webpages they visit as well as the search terms they entered and mobile apps they use. This raw data can be used to create a holistic view of the consumer’s online behavior.

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When combined with other data sources, e.g. questionnaires, inside consumer panels and communities the behavioral data provides an even deeper layer of insight into demographics and additional background information such as income, newspaper subscriptions or energy providers.

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