Wakoopa gets you behind the screens

Researchers who want to get up-close and personal with their target audience deserve the best seat in the house. With Wakoopa's passive metering technologies, you get behind the screens. We get you cross-device behavioral data from a single source: the consumer. Track real people's behavior, analyze their full digital footprint and discover real insights. Enjoy the view.

We get you

Behavioral data

What does your online target audience look like? What do they do online? When and for how long? Which decisions do they take? With the data collection technologies developed by Wakoopa you get the tools to collect and access unified behavioral data to quickly find the answers. Start tracking the digital footprint of consumers and watch the profiles and journeys being built. In front of your very eyes.

We get you

Real people

Wakoopa technologies capture real behavioral data, originating from real people. Millions of moments in a consumer's life pass through the screen of a phone, tablet or personal computer. Entering a query in a search engine. Buying from a web shop. Sharing a thought on a social channel. Everything we do online is done motivated, goal-orientated and conscious. We are humans, not computers.

We get you

A clean picture

Behavioral data is quality data, willingly shared by consumers who are loyal members of online panels. With Wakoopa technologies, consumers are in control through advanced privacy settings and features. Personally identifiable information can be removed. Clean behavioral data is ahead of privacy issues, without distorting the picture. It is the foundation for precise insight generation.

What makes us different

We get you

Single source, cross-device behavioral data

Granular human behavioral data, scrubbed from system interactions

Advanced tracking features and data processing ahead of privacy issues

Always on data collection: seamless switching from cellular to WiFi networks

Overnight data delivery through well documented APIs

Up-to-date technology, compatible with the latest devices, platforms and browsers

Flexible pricing policies for ad hoc or continuous studies

What we do

Wakoopa empowers market researchers to get the most out of behavioral data.

Consumers are increasingly relying on their devices. They use them on a daily basis. To share their thoughts on social media channels, consume information and shop online. Their online behavior leaves a massive footprint. That makes digital, cross-device behavioral data an essential source of inspiration and validation for brands and researchers.


Wakoopa gets you user centric behavioral data and we make sure researchers know how to make the most out of it.

The world's biggest brands create great customer experiences, seamlessly integrating offline and online. Data is key to understand and influence consumer behavior. Precise and frequent insight in multi-screen consumer behavior is crucial to launch new products and services fast and iterate quickly.


Wakoopa gets you behavioral data and we get you the know-how to use it.

Innovative research designs allow researchers to uncover new insights. We believe online behavioral data collection should be part of every new research idea in consumer behavior research. The data collection technologies Wakoopa delivers, are based on a single source, decrease survey length and reduce research costs.

Panel companies

Wakoopa gets you state-of-the-art behavioral data collection technology.

Panel companies have strong relationships with consumers. They are trusted experts in empowering consumers to make their voice heard. Because of their loyal relationship, they are able to collect consumer's behavioral data in a safe, permission-based way, with the biggest respect for their privacy.


Wakoopa gets you the preferred behavioral data sharing technology

As panelists, consumers are in control of the opinion data that is shared. They influence the outcome of product and service designs and often receive direct benefits in return. Sharing their digital footprint in the form of behavioral data is a new pocket of value for consumers. Consumers only need a new technology to unlock its potential.

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