Wakoopa, behavioral data pioneers

Understand real people
by observing real behavior

Wakoopa, behavioral data pioneers

Why Wakoopa

There’s more to a consumer’s story than just clicks

Truly understand a consumer's journey by looking at their behavior on multiple devices. See what they buy, what they do, how they do it and what the effects are over time.

Supercharge your
business intelligence

With insight in your audience's online behavior and that of your competitor, you add an extra dimension to your business intelligence.

Get the maximum out of
your campaign budget

Seize the opportunity to get the most out of your campaign strategy by looking at indirect advertisement effects and using this data for targeting and channel optimization.

What makes us different

No cookie tracking,
you want the full picture

Get to know the person
behind the click

Real people

The strength of our solution is the technology and the relationship we have with the participants. These people are already part of an existing online community, before they are asked to install our software. This means that we know all kinds of background information, ranging from their age to the car they drive. It also creates the possibility to combine opinion data retrieved from surveys, with the behavioral data.

This makes our data richer than Facebook and more accurate than Google.

We take good care of participants

  • We only track people who have given their explicit consent
  • Participants are fully anonymous
  • Our software complies with the European privacy directive
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Find out what your audience does,
anytime and everywhere

Multi device & Multi activity

Our solution makes it possible to understand the full picture of what consumers do online. This not only includes the websites they visit, but also the apps they use, the ads they see and the search terms they enter. We collect all these different streams across three devices, to form the full picture.

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Understand the cause and effect

Understanding the consumer of today, means creating order in seemingly random patterns. Since we do not only register a certain action as a single point in time, you are able to construct behavioral paths cross-device.

Sees a holiday pre-roll
  • Visits promotion website
    on desktop for more than a minute
    on Saturday at 10:00
  • Checks the weather in Barcelona
    on smartphone for 30 seconds
    on Saturday at 14:00
  • Checks a city guide app
    on smartphone for 4 minutes
    on Saturday at 14:05
  • Searches for "Best hotel in Barcelona"
    on desktop
    on Saturday at 21:30
  • Visits hotel comparison site
    on desktop
    on Saturday at 21:35
  • Visits Facebook page hotel Barcelona
    on desktop for more than 3 minutes
    on Sunday at 18:00
  • Compares airlines
    on desktop for more than 7 minutes
    on Saturday at 18:05
  • Books flight for the for 10th of May and the 14th of May
    on tablet
    on Sunday at 18:20
  • Books hotel from the 10th of May until the 14th
    on tablet
    on Sunday at 18:25
  • Checks insurance
    on tablet for 2 minutes
    on Sunday at 22:30
  • Visits "abroad" site of the bank
    on tablet for 4 minutes
    on Sunday at 22:40
4 day get-away in Barcelona

Once the participant agrees to join, we are able to track every website, application and online advertisement out there. Without any third party needing to place tags or beacons.

Become a data pioneer

Get your hands dirty with data

The first step is collecting the data. You can choose our proprietary solution to distribute amongst your online community, or you can draw from existing syndicated panels in the Netherlands, Russia and Spain.

The next step is getting your hands dirty. To do so we offer several solutions:


With our dashboard you get quick insights in your audience and the position of your brand online


In the dashboard you also have an export tool that allows you to download data sets for deeper analysis


If you prefer to dive into the data with your own tools, there is an API in place to get everything you need

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