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Your marketplace for behavioral data

Improve your research with high quality behavioral data. We provide market researchers with user centric behavioral data, available through a global network of panel partners who use our passive behavioral metering technologies.

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Better insights into online behavior

Get a more comprehensive picture of today’s online consumer by combining behavioral data with other data sources.

More efficient data collection

Add behavioral data to your research design to increase survey relevance, reduce survey length and improve the overall research experience.

Faster decision making

Behavioral data drives precise and frequent insights into cross-device consumer behavior, enabling organizations to improve products and services quickly.

Low barrier to entry

Wakoopa Hub simplifies the access and usage of behavioral data by reducing the required investment to execute behavioral data studies.

Our behavioral data supports many innovative research use cases.

Cross-device footprints

Panelists allow panel companies to passively collect their online behavior in addition to surveying them. Our software collects behavioral data from online consumers across their devices: personal computers, smartphones and tablets. The software is available for devices that run Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


Get the viewed webpages on personal computers, smartphones and tablets.

See the search behavior on personal computers and mobile Android devices.

Mobile apps

Know which applications are used on smartphones and tablets.

A clean picture

We process the collected data into clickstream data. Additionally, our PII-filter cleans the raw data from personally identifiable information (PII) to help you to operate within the market research codes of conduct. Our data is easy to interpret and available the next day.

Global availability of behavioral data

We’ve built a global network with established panel partners, leveraging the relationships they have with their panelists. We are continuously extending the availability of behavioral data across the globe through new panel companies who license our technologies.

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