Ruby Developer, Barcelona Office - Wakoopa

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Ruby Developer

Hours: Full-time
Location: Barcelona

Founded in 2007 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Wakoopa has become the world’s leading supplier of passive metering technology on three screens (pc, tablet, smartphone). Wakoopa unlocks high quality behavioral data. We empower the consumer insights industry with the best tracking technology and the most powerful data distribution models. And we offer consumers the best user experience.

Researchers can track and analyze the digital footprint of consumers across three devices. We help our customers create user centric, single source, behavioral datasets. The captured data includes all the websites, search terms, advertising (pc) and apps (mobile) consumers interact with. Wakoopa powered behavioral data fuels innovative research designs in over 20 markets globally. Use cases include consumer journeys, segmentation and audience measurement.

We work with a modern technology stack that is adapted to the unique engineering problems we aim to solve. Our applications are written in Ruby and Go. For our infrastructure needs we try and use as much from Amazon Web Services as is available, or build it ourselves. The processing of the large amounts of data we receive is handled by Hadoop and Hive.

What we are looking for

Wakoopa is a fast growing company from Amsterdam. We have developed a research tool that meters online behavior on computers, phones and tablets in a privacy conscious way. Panel members install these tools voluntarily to help with online research. We are currently active in over ten countries, across 3 continents, and have approximately 40,000 panelists active with our software on a daily basis.

We are now looking for an experienced Ruby Developer who can help us bring our technology to the next level. Are you up for the challenge?


The amount of data we collect will always be growing and there are a lot of interesting technical challenges which you can help solve. Some topics are for example:

  • Scalable data processing and storage
  • Automated classification and filtering of data
  • On-the-fly calculations of metrics
  • Flexible REST API to serve client-side applications

Of course you will also contribute to the continuation of the business by maintaining existing applications, fixing bugs and assisting with specific client tasks.

What we offer

Our current team is a group of passionate all-round engineers. The development method we use can be described as pragmatic and efficient. We all hang out on Slack and have daily face-to-face meetings.

Other technologies you would find in our stack are:

  • ElasticSearch
  • Chef
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Passenger
  • Git
  • Amazon Web Services

You will join our Barcelona office where you will work together with the development team there and also interact frequently with the team in Amsterdam.

We are looking for a talented & passionate developer and we offer you not only a challenging and stimulating professional project, but also a competitive compensation package.

What we ask for:

We expect you to take on the challenge of diving into our technology and claim a piece to make it the best in the world. We want you to be passionate about technology and be able to apply the best tools for the task at hand.

We are looking for a senior engineer but we will also consider your application if your motivation or talent can compensate for your juniority.



  • Knowledge about designing and building large systems
  • Experience with an AWS infrastructure
  • At least 3 years experience working with complex backend systems
  • English language proficiency
  • Minimum bachelor level of education


  • Experience or willingness to learn Ruby and Go
  • Affinity with automated testing
  • Knowledge about data processing in Hadoop/Hive
  • Knowledge about ElasticSearch