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Panelist data protection

The privacy of any of our clients or users is guaranteed and guarded with great care. Here's four reasons why you can trust us.

Our privacy principles


If anybody participates in our research, we'll get consent first (a so-called 'opt-in'). When somebody downloads our tracker, we will always let him or her know what data they send us. They can manage and alter this data before they send it to us. We don't make spyware, but "myware": it's theirs to control. Our application will turn off or uninstall whenever its user wants.


With our tool we don't track personal details like usernames, passwords or banking details. When somebody runs our tracking application as a panelist, only the panel organization they signed up with will have their contact data, not Wakoopa. Also, we neither track nor store the contents of your communications, only their URL's.


If any data is shared with us, we'll make sure that it's locked and secure. We have several internal security protocols that staff members have to follow to get access to any system. Our technology platforms are only accessible to trained personnel and via secure protocols. Our host, Amazon, also has strict security guidelines.


If we can be more responsible, we'll do it. We spend a lot of time and resources making sure that our product is up to current privacy standards. We're a member of Esomar and the Center of Intelligence & Research, who guard the privacy of participants of online research. We're also supporters of Bits of Freedom, a Dutch civil-rights organization that guards digital rights.