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Behavioral data made accessible

Our software collects raw data. By applying proprietary processing techniques the data is scrubbed from system interactions and transformed into useful clickstream data. This data holds essential information on online consumer behavior, such as search terms entered, webpages visited and mobile apps used. Additional services are available to clean the data from Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to help researchers operate within the market research codes of conduct. From here the data moves to the servers of our customers.

Clients that work with us:

Data processing

The collected data is send via a secure connection continuously to a cloud based environment. The data is processed overnight and available the next day.

Data delivery

The data can be analyzed in our web-based dashboard application. Our reports enable you to effectively communicate the insights to management, customers or other stakeholders.

It is also possible to use our export API. This API enables you to download the available data on a daily basis and import it directly in your own analytic tools. These exports are in their raw form, so any aggregation can be done by your own tool.


Our behavioral data can be used to create distinct metrics. Besides details about used devices and connections, our data can provide information and rates on events, such as visits, conversions, sessions and searches. The behavioral data can be cross-tabulated to panelist demographics in order to identify specific customer profiles and journeys.

Data protection

Participants can see what data is collected and can pause, stop or uninstall the application at any time. This process is anonymous and uses only the demographic and background variables. No personal information is used or can be linked to a participant's profile.

The privacy of any of our clients or users is guaranteed and guarded with great care. Wakoopa publishes both an EULA (End User License Agreement) and a Privacy Policy on the landing page of the installation guide. The EULA is an obligatory document that protects our software, the Privacy Policy describes the relationship between the panel provider and the panelist.

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