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Panel management from
recruitment to completion

Most research agencies use proprietary or open access panels to collect survey data. With the technologies developed by Wakoopa behavioral data can be collected from the same panelists. As part of our passive metering solutions, Wakoopa builds intuitive web-based software to support workflows to recruit, setup and maintain panelists, which integrates with your approach to panel management. Once the technology is implemented and the recruitment is complete, the behavioral data collection from the devices of panelists starts.

Clients that work with us:

Project Setup

Wakoopa develops a customized software infrastructure for each client. We provide you with a white-labeled data collection application and an installation guide for the panelists, available in multiple languages.

You will receive accounts for our panel management tool and dashboard. After sending an invitation to the panelists, participants can start to install our data collection application on their personal devices. Our installation guide helps them to install the application easily – the entire installation only takes about 4 minutes.

Panel Management

Our panel management tool demonstrates which users have installed the application and have kept it running, either via the dashboard or by using our API. The available conversion exports can be used for handling incentive distribution or for measuring the number of installs and active accounts after a certain period. Our integrated support features ensure a close relationship between panel provider and panelists. Panelists can quickly reach the panel provider in case they have any question.

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